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Human Background for Warshire

OK, here is something that I wrote last night, If you get through it all, lol, and have comments or suggestions, then please post in the forums, I'll be creating a topic in one of the public areas for anyone who wants to post about it, although I doubt many will -_-.

King _____ sat by himself in his throne room pondering on events which had recently transpired. He was the ruler of the entire world, his Kingdom of _______ spanned the whole continent of _______ and for as long as anyone could remember the Humans and Orcs had been at war with each other, a never ending battle for control of ________.

However the war had ended, only a few days ago the generals of his armies had destroyed the last resistance of Orcs since their final desperate attack to try and wipe out the leaders of the Humans as they gathered for the annual ________.

The Orcs had apparently finally been organised by someone and had all gathered together. Scouts were sent out to try and discover the Orc who was leading them, but the bodies of the scouts had been found a few days after they left, mutilated and hung up in the forests surrounding the castle _______, were the _______ was to be held.

Although the leaders of the Humans had realised that the Orcs were becoming organised, they had all dismissed it as nothing, simply another pathetic attempt by savage beasts to try and gain control or _______.

King _______ began to laugh to himself as he thought this, 'How stupid we were, having no idea of the carnage that was to soon arrive at our door.'

Taking another drink from his goblet of wine, he again went over in his mind the events which soon followed, he remembered the exact moment that he heard of what had happened. He was sitting at his table, having dinner with his generals and nobles when a messenger arrived, beaten and bloody. Everyone in the room stood silent as the boy announced the news, the army which had been sent to wipe out the Orc's new attempt to make war had been ambushed and slaughtered to a man. The only reason this boy had survived was because he had be straggling behind and stopped to have a rest only moments before the Orcs had launched their attack.

The King stood there silent, all eyes in the room fixed on him as a slow tear crawled down his cheek. His son, Prince _____ had begged his father to let him join with the army to see for himself the slaughter of the Orcs. Having not had a real war with the Orcs since his son was a boy, King ______ decided that it would do his son some good to see a war, give him some spirit so that he might one day make a fair and noble king.

As the tear reached his chin and feel to the floor, the King roared in anger and ordered his generals to a War Council so that the Orcs might pay with thier lives for taking his son from him.

Going back to this moment bought a tear to the King's eye, and he took another drink from his goblet. But instead of becoming angered, he merely smiled and thought of his son, and how he had been avenged and was now in ______ living in the afterlife with the past King's of _______.

The King's thought's again returned to the battles which followed his ordering of an attack against the Orcs. A few days had passed since his order to gather the Human armies and wipe out the Orcs. So far only small bands of Orcs, most probably scouts, had been encountered and killed without mercy, as per the King's order. His generals remained positive that they would soon encounter the full Orc army soon, and they were not wrong.

Within three weeks of his intitial order the King again received word that the Orc's had been encountered, this time they had slaughtered one of the King's armies, this time however the messenger was a soldier who was barely alive. He came with a message from the leader of the Orcs, the Human race will be slaughtered and disgarded from existence without any second thought, they will be crushed and all trace of thier existence will be wiped out as the Orcs take control and rule ________ as they were intended to. With his message delivered, the soldier collapsed at the Kings feet and died.

Not an hour after the wounded soldier had returned, sentries and scouts reported a large Orc army, bigger then any of them had ever seen, marching towards the castle _______, where the King had decided to make the base camp of his campaign.

Taking yet another drink, the King recalled looking out from the walls of the castle only ten hours later as the armies he had recalled gathered in the plains to the north of the castle. The armies were still returning as he saw a sea of Orcs pour out of the forests at the end of the plain, it was a never ending rush of Orcs that soon crashed into the Human armies, never stoping to gather themselves, only looking to kill as many Humans as possible.

The battle raged on as Orc after Orc, Human after Human was cut down in the sea of carnage that lay before him. The King remembered smiling as he saw that the Humans were gaining the upper hand and driving the Orcs back, not sparing a single one.

The Human armies drove the Orc attackers back to the edge of the forest, killing every Orc they saw and finally stopping when they realised that the Orc's had all been killed. Just as he was going out to congratulate the men and his generals, the King heard a horrible scream tha seemed to come from every direction and not a second later a mass of Orcs, many times larger then the army they had just fought began to converge on the Human armies and the castle.

The armies which had followed the Orcs back to the forest were the first ones to be attacked, and began to once again charge at the Orcs, intent on eliminating every single one of them. However a larger force of Orcs began to attack the castle and caught many of the soldiers who stayed behind by suprise. The army which was stationed in the castle itself poured out into the Orcs as they slaughtered the Humans who were caught by suprise. Archers were ordered to attack the Orcs before they got to close to any Humans and the King ordered all men who remained in the castle to gather weapons and fight to the death if the Orcs broke into the castle.

A look of horror came over the Kings face as he realised that the Orcs were winning the battle and were getting closer to the castle. The Orcs were soon close enough to begin assaulting the castle itself, using siege weapons which the King had not noticed before to attack the castle walls in an effort to bring them down and allow them access to the insides, to murder the King and anyone else who might be unfortunate enough to be inside the castle.

Just as the King was preparing himself to launch a final attack on the Orcs, the attack on the castle stopped and the King looked out to what had gained the attention of the Orcs, the army which had been at the end of the plain had won thier battle and returned to attack the main Orc army. Feeling somewhat relieved at the temporary moment of safety, the King again felt saddened as he saw the Humans losing their battle. The Orcs realised that they were winning as well, and renewed their assault on the castle. The King once more prepared himself for battle, only once more the assault on the castle stopped, and as he looked out over the battle he saw the armies which had not returned in time for the first battle launching into the Orcs and massaquering them.

The King took his final sip of wine as his wife, Queen _______ entered the room and informed him that they were ready for him. Smiling to himself as the walked to the balcony of his castle which overlooked the entire city he recalled seeing the last of the Orcs being killed by his armies and once again laughing to himself he remembered that one of the most brutal battles he had ever seen had taken place on the day of ________.

Waving to the crowd of people gathered below the balcony, he once again had the thought that they never actually found the body of an Orc whom they thought might be the leader and this bothered him. However the thought was soon pushed aside as he prepared to give a speech to the people of his Kingdom. "We have suffered much in the past few days, but now that the Orc threat has been eliminated, we can begin construction of a Kingdom which will prosper and grow without any threat of destruction!"

7 months after the battle with the Orcs the King was in a meeting with his council when an urgent message arrived, a new continent had been discovered to the west of _______!

The King and his aids soon began planning on an expedition to explore this new continent and to possibly set up colonies there and expand their empire. This new continent came to great shock to all the people on ______, having believed for so long that _______ was the only land mass of the world, being surrounded by oceans until the end of the world.

Many people of ________ were scared of this new continent, but the King remained adament that it be explored, and if possible colonised. A large fleet set out to land on the new continent once it had been confirmed by captains of the Kings fleet that the continent was indeed there. The King himself did not go, but he sent along an army with the colonists, scientists and other men which were to find out about the new continent to make sure that any threat, if indeed there were any intelligent creatures, were dealt with.

Even though the King did not go on the journey himself, he sent along one of his most trusted aids, ________ his brother, to make sure that everything ran smoothly and that the colonies were set up without incident.

Many months passed since the fleet had left, but the King was not worried because he would occasionaly receive word from the colony as to how everything was going. However, one night whilst preparing to goto sleep and thinking of his lost son, the King was interupted with the message that one of the colonies had been attacked and completly wiped out by an unknown army.

The King met with his advisors once more and they decided to send more armies over to the new continent to hunt down this army that had attacked the colonists and protect the colonies which still remained.

And so began the saga of the new age of war on the continent of Warshire........

End of the story so far, my notes :)

Now, if this is good enough for what you guys want as a back story, I was also planning on writing other view points of the story.

Oh, please tell me what you think of the story of course, and as I say below, I think I might add a little more to the end of the story, but tell me, did you notice a significant change in the way the story was narrated or whatever as the story was finishing up that might make the story abit iffy? lol.

I want to write a part based on my character, for Delita's planned background story for all our persona's, as Lord Macragge, one of the generals of the Humans. I haven't decided exactly what i want to do with him, but I was thinking having him lead on of the armies which was late to the battle with the orcs and then having him lead either the second army that was sent to Warshire after the colony was attacked, or have him go along with the first wave that went there.

Oh, and also I may add more to the end of this story, as I was thinking that what ultimatly drove the King to wage all out war with the races of Warshire was that his brother, who went along with the first colonists, was murdered by the army which attacked the colonists :P

Um, I was also thinking of writing a story from the point of view of the elves, which would start around the time when the first fleet of colonists, scientists, etc first arrived in Warshire, and then have it revolve around the events that lead to the colony being attacked and then onto whenever we want the background story to stop and the stories which start with the events that happen according to what happens in the rounds of Warshire to start being recorded. (hope that last part made sense, lol)

I was also thinking of writing a short story from the point of view from the person who first discovers the Warshire continent, lol, he could be like a fisherman who fell asleep and woke up off Warshire or he could be something else, like a fleet captain who got lost in a storm or something.

Along with that short story I was thinking about on from the perspective of the Orcs, and having it done from the viewpoint of the new Orc leader and how he gathered the Orcs, waged war with the Humans and then set out to the continent of Warshire to take it for the Orcs.

I believe that stories from all of those viewpoints would work quite well, but if I wanted to do any from the point of view of people from the other races, then I would think I'd have to wait and see how the events of the game turn out and what happens (that depends on if we use that idea though).

Anyway, I know it was a shit long read, and congratulations if you got this far, lol :P, but I do have quite a good way for the story of all races to tie together and meld nicely, I have even thought of writing it in a way that won't introduce all races at the same time, like what will probably happen during the beta's when we add new races, lol.

And as you may have noticed I couldn't be bothered thinking up names for some things, so if anyone has any suggestions then just post here and tell me :)

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