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Battle Engine Iteration is LIVE
Posted: Jun 12, 2010 (09:15:24)

After much, much, much work we finished the next iteration and have dumped all of the improvements/additions to the Reborn server!

Among the newest additions are:

- v1.0 of the BATTLE ENGINE (this will be fun). War Room in other words.
- Caravans
- Mercenary Camp
- Black Market
- All Human researches/most structures have been implemented
- Hero class streams and stats have been implemented
- All Human units are implemented (with stats)
- Plenty of new bug fixes/tweaks/polish

Now all we need is for you to help us test the system, find bugs, and make the game better for everyone!

Thanks and enjoy!

Next iteration is LIVE
Posted: Mar 30, 2010 (15:07:15)

Alright, we have added the following major areas:

- Temple (including GODS which are implemented)
- Blacksmith (including almost 300 items so far!)
- Storage areas for County and Heroes
- Ability to equip items to your hero
- Hero skills implemented (so dual wield skill allows you to equip dual weapons etc)
- A couple new events and a majorly updated event system, if you have any events you want added just send us a story and we'll add it in the next iteration
- Most of the research tree is implemented now
- Structure tree is done and mostly implemented
- Tons more tweaks and changes that I don't feel like listing

Lots of progress has been made, and we are excited to release even more! Also know, sometimes we will add things and NOT announce it. This is to encourage exploration of the game!

As Reborn grows so too will the random and unknown portions of it ;)

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