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  Hero Overview

Heroes are specialised units which perform vital functions in your county. The Heroes that you have hired are shown here. The stats of each hero are listed next to them, as well as their current status.

A Heroes status is changed when they perform certain actions, such as attacking, questing, training or defending.

To hire a new Hero, select the Hire New Hero button at the bottom of the page. You can now enter a new name for your hero and choose what Major and Minor class you want your hero to start as. But if you do not have the needed gold to hire the new hero, then he will not be hired.
You can view classes Here

Heroes will sometimes lose health as they attack and defend for your county. They are able to regain any lost health by being in either idle or defending status. The default recovery rate is 5 health per tick, but this can be increased by improving your heroes stats.

Each hero has a Sub Menu which you use to manage your hero. You can access this menu by clicking on your heroes name. On this screen you may also choose a picture for your hero, but to select one, you must first message on of the Admins with your picture so that they may review it and make sure it is appropriate.

- Subunits - This is where you can assign and dismiss military subunits to your hero. For a hero to attack or defend, subunits need to be assigned to them.
To assign and dismiss units, select the Assign/Dismiss Subunits button and then fill in the number of units you wish to assign.

- Equipment - This is where you manage the Armour and Weapons your hero is wearing. Different Armour and Weapons improve the stats of your hero and are available through the Blacksmith and Magic Tower.

- Stats - This is where you manage your heroes stats. Occasionally, through exp, your hero will gain a Hero Level and gain stat points that can be assigned to either Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, Vitality, Endurance, Questing or Loyalty.
Assigning a stat point to one of these stats will increase that stat by one point.
You also gain permanent stat increases when you change your heroes Minor Class.

- Medals - When your Hero participates in Tournaments, they will earn medals if they win. Any medals you win will be displayed here.

- Totals - Various details about your hero will be displayed here such as the heroes Attack, Defence, Health, Speed, Level and Exp til next level.

- Classes - This menu allows you to see what classes your hero has levels in. It also allows you to change classes if you wish to and are able to.

- Group Total - The total stats of your hero and all of the subunits assigned to him are shown in this menu.
The total Group Attack points, Defence points, Hitpoints and Total damage points from Short-Ranged, Long-Ranged and Magic units are shown here.

Tutorial - Hero Overview
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