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  War Room

The War Room is where you can attack your enemies.

To Choose a Target:

Choosing a target in Warshire is simple. An easy way is to goto View Kingdoms and search around the various kingdoms of Warshire. However you may also be given good targets from friends or Kingdom mates.

Attacking Targets:

To attack a target, you need to enter the kingdom number of the target and then select the 'View' Button. Once in the correct kingdom, select the county you wish to attack from the drop down menu and then select the Hero that you wish to attack with. After the target and hero have been selected, you will then have to select the type of land you wish to attack for, either a Plains, Forests or Mountains. Finally, you will need to select the type of attack you wish to use and then set the retreat percentage of your hero.
The retreat percentage is the percentage of your military units you are willing to lose before you run from the battle. If you set the retreat percentage to 10%, then your hero and military units will continue to fight until 10% of your military units have been killed.
Below are the attack types you may choose and what each does,

Normal - Gain 5% of the choosen land type and 5% of Gold and Resources.

Annex - Gain 10% of the choosen land type.

Pillage - Gain 10% of Gold and Resources.

Attacking is done in rounds. Your military units and your defenders military units will continue to fight until one of you reaches the retreat percentage that you have both selected.
The damage dealt by each side is determined by the below formula, and is the same for both the defender and attacker,

Damage Dealt = (Your Attack / (Your Attack + Target Defence)) * Your Damage

When you attack someone, if they have a hero who is set to defend, then your hero and their hero will get into their own private fight. This hero fight will go on for as many rounds as the military units battle.
If your hero reaches 0 health during the fight, then they will be captured by the enemy county and are sent to thier Prison.
If you are the attacker and your hero is captured, then the battle will continue, but you will lose 25% of your units, so it is important to make sure your hero does not have low health before you attack with it.
When you are the defender in a battle and you lose your hero, your units will simply be transfered to your home guard without losing any of them. The attack will still procede, however your defending units will now not have the benefits of the heroes bonuses during the attack.

If your attack is successful, then you will receive an amount of land or resources, depending on the type of attack you choose.

After the Attack:

After you have attacked a target you will receive a detailed report that will tell you wether or not you were successful. If you were successful, then the amount of land or resources you gained, along with the experience your hero gained, will be displayed.
You will also be shown the amount of rounds the battle lasted and how many military units you lost in the battle.

Tutorial - War Room
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